Photography by David Wong
Workshops and Tours

For Photographers of All Skill Levels AND Non-Photographers

Our Workshops and Tours are designed to do several things that make our trips unique:

  • We teach you to do photography in an artful way; we go beyond just taking snapshots.
  • We study the renowned photographers and other masters of art to learn how to take great photographs.
  • The workshop is intended for ALL levels of skill. We start from the basics for those who are new to photography. For experienced photographers, the basics serve as a refresher of essential skills. As more advanced skills are introduced to the group, we offer one-on-one instruction, easily accomplished when the group is limited to 10 -12 participants.
  • Our trips are Workshops and Tours intentionally. We weave instruction into our daily excursions so that we enjoy our explorations as much as we learn more about photography. Each location becomes an opportunity to show how we photograph it.
  • Tour activities promise all kinds of adventure including how to make pasta, exploring local farms, and visiting artisans working on crafts and skills hundreds of years old.
  • Time is set aside on a daily basis to share favorite photographs—a fun and valuable way to learn new photography skills. Non-photographers have enjoyed this just as much; in fact, some have decided to become students of photography by trip’s end.
  • Our trips are designed for our participants’ enjoyment. Since we travel in a small group, we are able to modify our itinerary to each group’s unique interests. We travel in our own vans or by rail, giving us the freedom to choose how long we stay to explore any single area.

One of our travelers commented on her experience: “Best of all, I see with new eyes. I credit you for that!” – Peggy Burks, workshop and tour participant in 2017


Cinque Terre, Portofino, Pisa, Lucca, Parma and Bologna
Our 5th Photography Workshop and Tour, September 13-23, 2018

Join us on our fall trip to some of the most favored locations in Italy: from the stunning Italian Rivera of Cinque Terre and Portofino, to the iconic town of Pisa, the beloved town of Lucca, and finally to one of the important food regions of Italy – Parma and Bologna. While in Parma, we have the special opportunity of having our friend Giulia Sbernini, a Nevada County artist and native of Parma, show us the famous foods and spirits of Parma and Bologna. We will enjoy the best of Prosciutto de Parma, Bolognese cooking, and regional apéritifs.

We will experience these regions in Italy while staying in the towns of Pisa, Monterosso, and Parma. The workshop and tour begins in Pisa, where we will go to the iconic site of the Leaning Tower in the Piazza del Miracoli. We visit late in the day after the tour buses leave.

Lungarno – Pisa

Leaning Tower

Angelo Caduto in the Piazza del Miracoli

While staying in Pisa, we will train to Lucca, where we will spend a day. Lucca seems to be on everyone’s list of favorite towns. A quiet and quintessentially Italian town that offers a pleasant blend of large town culture with small town charm. One of our joys will be to visit Tommasi Loom Works, a weaver’s shop with woolen wares displayed and made with love and care as they have in centuries past.

Wool Hanging at Tommasi Loom Works

Red Roofs of Lucca by Meredith Reynolds

Italy’s great rail system will then take us to Monterosso for our next stay at the Hotel Colonnina. Away from the crowds, the serenity of Hotel Colonnina blankets you with peace and quiet so that you can’t help but relax.

Terrace at Hotel Colonnina

Relaxation by the sea and photography of the five villages of Cinque Terre with their colorful seaside cliff homes will be our activity for the next four days. The neighboring town of Vernazza is one of the villages linked by a hiking path that runs along the water’s edge.

Vernazza Harbor

We will choose a combination of the most scenic and comfortable towns to hike to and from. The local rail lines connect all five towns so moving from one village to another is easy and doesn’t require a hike if one doesn’t want to.

From our base town of Monterosso, we will catch the boat to the romantic town of Portofino. We will spend the day in Portofino exploring the harbor and hike to the castle to get a good photographic view of the town. Beyond the castle, we continue to the lighthouse for a commanding view of the harbor and sea. Pods of dolphins occasionally come close enough for a sighting.


We depart Cinque Terre and Portofino for our final leg, and train to Parma. We will stay in Parma while we visit the towns of Parma and Bologna. Giulia Sbernini will guide and show us how to eat and enjoy aperitives as locals do. Parma is famous for its Prosciutto de Parma so eating will be an important activity next to photography. In addition to the delightful tastings of prosciutto and Bolognese style cooking in Bologna, we will experience music and dance during the Verdi Festival taking place in Parma. Parma is the home region of the famous opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi.

Teatro Regio di Parma

If you are a beginner, learn how to control your camera & make beautiful photos by trip’s end. If you are an intermediate, you can advance to pro levels! Just bring a DSLR, mirror-less, or advanced point and shoot camera, even a smartphone! The trip is designed to be enjoyed and experienced, even if you do NO photography at all.

Comments from past workshop participants:

“David’s extensive knowledge of cameras and photography, his friendly, relaxed demeanor, and his ability to convey information, make his classes a delight as well as an incredible learning opportunity. He is amazingly generous with his knowledge and very patient.” – Ann Westling

“I wanted to reiterate how useful and fun it was working/playing with you. What struck me most was your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us. I never felt intimidated or shy about asking questions because you were so open with your responses. Thank you again for your time and spirit.” – Susan Cohen Byrne

“This trip/journey will remain one of the highlights of my life!” – Lizbeth Denkers

Pricing for the September Photography Workshop and Tour will be $3600 per person double occupancy. The cost includes all workshop group and private photography instruction, luxury accommodations, all breakfast and dinners, transportation costs in Italy while on the tour, and entry fees. International airfare and alcohol are not included. Tips are not included.

Photography by David Wong