I am a fine art photographer with diverse photographic interests. The call to specialize and narrow my fields of photography is sound advice but truthfully, I enjoy all types of photography as you can see in my portfolio. Regardless of whether I am photographing a landscape, a sporting event, or a portrait, creating photography that is artful is essential to me.

Another photographic element in my work is simplicity of vision and storytelling. I learned some key principles from a director of photography at my video production company: Start with the absence of light and build the lighting from there. I have taken that advice, not only in my lighting practices, but as it applies to the vision and storytelling elements of my photography. Distilling the vision of a photograph to its core elements is important to my work, a sense of “Zen” if you will. An inspiring teacher and friend, Al Weber, advised me to put the camera down, look at your scene, and sketch your vision. I always try to start with the simplicity of vision and storytelling to create artful images, then I use the camera, lens, and post-production processes as tools to craft for the final photograph.